Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Measurement System for Physician Quality Improvement?
    • The Measurement System for Physician Quality Improvement (MSPQI) is a collaboration between Doctors of BC, Ministry of Health, and B.C.’s health authorities. Its purpose is to provide physicians and health system leaders with data they need to understand quality of care and health system performance.
  • How will MSPQI help physicians?
    • Participating physicians will be able to easily access quality measures data about their practice, and have a tool to help them assess and reflect on the care they provide.
    • Physicians will will also be able to access reports with aggregated and non-identifiable data (meaning data about groups of patients, which doesn’t include the identity of individual patients or physicians), which can help them to see their practice in the context of the larger health system, and view measures at the facility, population group or provincial level.
  • How will MSPQI help health system leaders?
    • Measures reports will be available at the facility, regional, population and provincial level, and can be used for planning and assessment purposes.
  • Will the public be able to access MSPQI data?
    • No, Doctors of BC and government have agreed that measure reports will be used for assessment and planning purposes only, and not as a public reporting tool.
  • Who is involved in this work?
    • The Government of BC, Doctors of BC and the province’s health authorities are collaborating on MSPQI. The Patient Voices Network is providing a patient perspective on the quality measures, and the BC Patient Safety and Quality Council is providing project administration, communications, research, and analysis support.
  • Who is funding MSPQI?
    • Government and Doctors of BC are funding this work.
  • What is the timeline for MSPQI?
    • The timelines of MSPQI work will be determined by the outcomes of the MSPQI Quality Measures Groups. At this point in the project, it is more meaningful to understand the project phases:
    • Phase 1
      Recommend initial measures for surgical and primary care
      Develop a conceptual framework and roadmap to build the technical solution
    • Phase 2 (we are here)
      Developed/developing initial measure sets for additional medical areas
      Develop the virtual data environment
      Advance physician participation strategies
      Identify an ongoing administrative organization and sustainment plan
    • Phase 3
      Expand implementation
      Transition from a project to an operational model
  • How will MSPQI protect patient privacy?
    • Quality improvement data available to physicians and health system leaders will be aggregated and anonymized — meaning reports won’t include the identity of individual patients.
  • Will this data be used to evaluate physician performance or decision making?
    • No, the system is not designed to evaluate the performance or clinical decision making of individual physicians.
  • Are patients involved in this work?
    • Yes, the steering committee and each quality measures group has patient partners with lived experience of that medical service area.
  • What is the difference between MSPE and MSPQI?

    Although MSPE and MSPQI may have similar names and are focused on quality improvement, these initiatives are quite different.

    Medical Staff Practice Enhancement (MSPE) is a province-wide program to help health authority privileged physicians understand and improve their practice through a structured process supported by their peers. This includes 360 feedback surveys from patients, colleagues, and non-medical staff, followed by a facilitated feedback session with a peer to discuss and review results. It is being rolled out in phases and will eventually be shared with all medical staff to provide consistent, structured support for individual quality improvement across the health authority system of care. MSPE is led by the health authorities and supported by BC MQI. More information can be found on this site.

    The Measurement System for Physician Quality Improvement (MSPQI) is a collaboration between Doctors of BC, Ministry of Health, and health authorities to gather and share province-wide quality measures data. Its goal is to improve the health system, patient and provider experiences, and patient care outcomes. MSPQI data will be available for individual physicians to voluntarily use to reflect on the care they provide in their practice and to inform quality improvement efforts. It will not be used to question clinical decisions or to review performance. Aggregated and anonymized, multi-level reports will allow physicians and health system leaders to use MSPQI data for health system assessment and planning.