The Measurement System for Physician Quality Improvement (MSPQI) is a collaboration between Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health.

Founding Principles

  • Physicians have a substantial influence in health system performance and must be responsible for quality improvement decisions alongside health care providers as policy makers.
  • Data is intended to be used by physicians to support and improve their own clinical decision-making, and will not be used to override appropriate clinical decisions or to penalize physicians.
  • Data is also intended to be used by health authorities and policy makers, and will be aggregated and anonymized.


  • Quality measures will reflect the dimensions of quality as outlined in the BC Health Quality Matrix, including acceptability, appropriateness, accessibility, safety, effectiveness, equity, and efficiency.
  • Data collection will not detract from patient care, be overly time consuming, or create duplication of work by physicians.
  • Existing co-investments between health authorities, Ministry of Health, and Doctors of BC into infrastructure for the collection and aggregation of quality data will be leveraged where possible.
  • MSPQI will not prevent or replace other quality measurement processes in health system organizations such as health authorities or the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC.
  • To provide easily accessible data to physicians in a safe environment that will allow them to improve the quality of care they provide to their patients, and will enable an assessment of the overall value of physician services through aggregated and anonymized data.

Technical Solution

  • MSPQI’s technical solution will allow multiple sources of health data (including electronic medical records systems used in community and private practice settings) to share data safely and privately.
  • A technical working group made up of physicians, health authority decision makers and Ministry of Health representatives, developed the technical solution